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Living and traveling gluten free 

Welcome to Make Life Gluten Free, I’m glad to have you here. Launching the site in 2018, I decided to share my creations from my kitchen. Why? More than a year ago, I had to start eating gluten free. Yes, it is a struggle for the first time but now it's become to be the part of me as much as anything else in life. Just like sleeping or brushing my teeth.
I had several questions from friends and people around me, about what it is like living and eating GF, why I never eat out. How do I cope with all the restrictions this diet requires? Well, I’m here to say and take pride in not just coping with this new way of life but enjoying it! 

All the experiences of my past year, shaped my way of thinking about food and helped me acquire a new way of understanding our nutritions. I’m inspired to share and encourage everyone living gluten free, vegan (or non of those), to get in the kitchen and make simple amazing food that will be certainly good for you and you’ll not miss out anything. 

What is it about? 

I made MLGF to share my happiness of being celiac. Yes I was sad many times and it hurt me many times but now I'm happy with it. This site, and hopefully soon to grow a community, was made to share my experiences and how I cope with a strict diet on a way that makes my life and meals joyful.  

This blog is to celebrate the food from an other perspective, to share the joy of making conscious meals. This blog is a place for anyone to find simple recipes for delicious food.

For celiacs or people living with gluten or diary intolerance, it's the place to share company, inspire and encourage others. I wish to show how much we can eat (instead of emphasising how much we cannot). And it's all very simple and enjoyable. 

More about my journey 

About one and a half year ago, I found out I have to eat gluten free. I was happy and incredibly sad at the same time. I was grateful to find out what causes all my pain. I found the root of the problem and it show me the direction to implement the solution. I re-learned eating and cooking and had to learn again how to enjoy food. 

Finding out what makes me feel good again, eating without pain and getting sick after every meal is a victory. Gluten free is my victory that I celebrate every day. 

I decided to share my recipes that helped and still help my survival with this diet every day. 

To those who are in the same shoes: I just want to say I know we can't have 90% of the food from any supermarket. I know many of us just like me, don’t eat out. It is hard to do so when society and social get-togethers are often all about having a good meal at the newest hip restaurant. I know many things that were basic items and daily must-haves before, we can’t have any longer. This journey introduced me to a way of life that made me forget about this loss and helped me recognise how much I can have, how good it can be and now I can enjoy every  restricted meal. 

I’m here to share my journey and the food that is part of this victory. I share items from my diet that all my friends love, what proved for them that my life is equally awesome when it comes to food. 


My food philosophy 

I learned insane number of facts and details about food and nutrition but the most important thing I learned from the  first day of being gluten free is: be good to yourself. Never doubt what your body wishes for. Eat what you can, what feels good and builds you. 

You find recipes here vegan, gluten free, dairy free. If I stick to all these rules? Yes and no. My food rules are strict. I can't have gluten and I can't argue with anyone about it. I eat vegan but not strictly. Dairy is not my friend but not my main enemy. If you see me around eating a piece of cheese or a cake that surely has been made with eggs, well I say it’s okay. My diet is highly restricted. I learned not to take something away from me that I wish for. I know vegan life makes me feel better, but I know craving for food makes me feel bad. If I can have it and I want it, I will eat it. 

Here and now

I’m here to share & inspire. I’m here to say: Take care of your mind and body and to remember being gluten free is awesome! 


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